LAB360° - a full service ad agency

Our goal is to provide innovation, creativity, support and cost-efficiency to our clients. We believe that a full-service agency can provide even more by becoming a partner to our clients through strategic thinking, planning, creating, and executing their needs. We don’t share our clients’ tasks as big or small. They are all equally important to us since they are surely important to them. We cooperate with carefully selected partners in order to provide superior customer experience and results in all areas of communication towards end users.

Our Expertise

What we do
We are fully aware of our role in achieving our clients’ business goals. Account Managers are our key people for this task. It’s not just about handling clients, agency people and suppliers. It’s much more about full understanding of clients’ needs.
It’s all around us, even when we’re not aware of it. And it is good thing if you have a product and/or brand people should repeatedly be reminded of. Without it promising brands limit their chances to become great brands.
Brand should always be a long-term vision, a multi senses expression of your brand. It starts with a brand name and visual identity and evolves over time into something recognizable, memorable and meaningful. And that is the point when it starts to bring money.
Brand equity, brand values, brand promise. Not many people understand these terms. But, when you mention a brand and they have heard of it and know what it stands for, that’s a good brand strategy in the “background”. And that’s a really big deal!
When is the best time for campaign? What’s the main message? How to approach target audience? How about comms objectives? When we answer these (and some other) questions we can be pretty sure that our campaigns will be developed the right way.
We really adore beautifully designed things. That is why we try to encompass this passion in everything we design. Our brochures, packaging or posters should always look nice but should beforehand be focused on fulfilling client’s business goal(s).
If you’re not online, it’s like you don’t exist. Nowadays everybody use computer, smartphone or tablet in so many ways. Websites, video games, apps are becoming more exciting every day and our task is to be a part of this non-stoppable journey.
It’s all about knowing your customer’s customers to the core. Right CRM strategy demands professional knowledge, precise metrics, testing and measuring. And there is no place for mistakes - we all know that one-to-one communication is most expensive one.
This is where great partners come in focus. Our longtime experience in production derived great friends and partners with whom we can produce almost anything – great TVC, super special brochure, attractive packaging. You name it.
There is no room for creativity in Media Planning. You just make plans and execute media buying. Right? Wrong! There are so many media that can be perfect for your campaign. So, it doesn’t always have to be TV, print, radio and online.
We strongly believe that research is always the first step. If you don’t do research basically you are gambling, forecasting without relevant facts. And we don’t believe in gambling, especially in business. Surely you don’t either.
Social? Is it media or not? We think it’s more. It’s already integral part of almost everyone’s life. And every client wishes to be a part of these lives. It’s not easy task but surely is very exciting one for us as well as for our clients.

It’s nice to be a show off sometimes.